Game Improvement Programmes for 2020

Steve White PGA Golf Professional

My coaching ethos is based on every player having sound fundamentals and clarity of their own goals.

A year of golf tuition - £499

This is based on a mix of individual 30 minute lessons on all aspects of your game including lessons on the course over the period of 12 months.

The aim of this package is to create steady but structured improvement working on different aspects of the game at different times of the season. Please ask for Terms and Conditions on this programme.

The Ultimate Thurlestone Game Improvement Programme - £195.00

This package starts with a 4 hole consultation lesson, we then Follow up with a package of 3 individual 30 minute lessons based on structured improvement and finally ends with 9 Holes of on course tuition. A great package covering as many or as little topics as suits

18 Holes Of On Course Tuition - £150.00

Take to the golf course with a PGA professional and learn many aspects of the game, begin to understand course management, shot making and tricks and tips to save shot after shot!

9 Holes Of On Course Tuition - £100.00

A shorter version of the above, we can also look at technique and Decision making as well as advise on types of shot to play.

4 Holes Of On Course Tuition - £50.00

This lesson would usually be a prequel to a package of lessons, This Format offers me the chance to see you in action and is the best way to form a lesson plan for improvement.

Individual Tuition

Steve White- Head PGA Golf Professional

30 minutes Adults Tuition £35
30 minutes Junior Tuition £25

6 Lesson Package - £175.00

A great package for the player that is serious about improvement.

3 Lesson Package - £100.00

This package can be tailored to individual needs, whether it be a fault fixing excercise or sharpening the short game

Group Lessons

Prices are available upon application.

Steve White-- 'Adding technique to your style'

If you are interested in booking any of these lessons, please contact us in the pro shop by clicking here.