Dear Steve,

I wanted to write to you for a while to thank you for the result I obtained after the 30 min lesson in July. At the time I came to Thurlestone with a group of friends to play in the Thurlestone ladies Open, at the kind invitation of our friends, Laura and Paul Smeaton. I and my husband were kindly invited every year so far.

At this last lesson you asked me what I would like to get from such a short, one-off lesson. I answered 20-30 yards extra with the longest clubs would be great. You told me a couple of things to improve my swing routine, and here I am, 3 months later, hitting long (sometimes very long), straight drives and fairway woods. Also the iron shots are much better. Who knew that scooping that imaginary puddle of water can produce such great shots? I assume this is a trade secret, so I mentioned it only to my husband, who, I must admit, had a hard time understanding where the water was.

I thought you would like to know that your lesson was a success. Thank you, and when I'll be in Thurlestone again, I'll make sure I book another lesson.

Best wishes,

Gabriela Cimpan

Nizles Golf Club member


Chris Tarr Improves His Game


My thanks to you for a delightful and successful week at Thurlestone. A couple of much needed lessons, some well chosen equipment purchases and ten days of golf reminded me of how I used to play. Your patient and clear assistance on the practice ground revived my flagging confidence: playing with perfectly fitted clubs gave me back length and accuracy.

See you next time I am down.

Chris Tarr